In addition, the policy should include provisions for emergency care and stabilization of CSA treatment as part of the capacity of CSA staff until the transfer of the patient. Staff need to be trained to implement this policy in the event of a medical emergency, so that regular continuing education and mock exercise sessions could be useful at a time of crisis. From economics to property to efficiency, there are many reasons why a surgeon might decide to manage cases in an outpatient operations centre. But not all CSA is prepared to deal with all emergencies in personnel and equipment. Hospital transfer contracts serve as a safety net for transporting and treating CSA patients in case of unexpected medical complications. Here`s a look at what you need to know about organizing, evaluating and verifying a hospital transfer contract. In the case of billing, collection and insurance obligations, the peculiarities are usually to protect oneself and each for oneself. A strong hospital transfer contract should require each party to maintain professional liability insurance or equivalent liability insurance to cover its facilities and staff against claims made during and after the termination of the contract. In addition, each party should be responsible for collecting its own fees for the services provided and should not be held responsible for the collection of services provided by the other party. I am not aware of any recent statements from CMS, but over the years, their position in transfer agreements in general has been promoted in order to facilitate the rapid and efficient flow of patients. However, they were quick to stress that the existence or absence of a transfer contract does not change the rules for EMTALA transfers. However, current issues focus on the topic of transfer.

In several of my cases, CMS has indicated that “referral” is an authorized provision in a transfer contract, provided that three criteria are included: b) other diagnostic or therapeutic services. Medicare pays for diagnostic or therapeutic services other than NFS post-hospital care when provided – (2) A hospital that has a Swing Bed authorization and provides services to a hospital at the NFS level of that hospital.